Thursday, March 5, 2009

~~Kite Flying Picnic & Birthday Flowers~

My Lovely Birthday Flowers ~~

Dumpster diving once again - I pulled out this flat of wheat grass! Right out of a dumpster!
I've watered it every day since Monday & it's growing very fast.....don't know what I'll do with it but I think it looks like Spring!

SO Pretty! Spring!

Complete pond make-over with new liner......the spring flowers will soon pop up all around it ~~

Wonderful day for a picnic - in the 80's, nice & warm ~~

Gorgeous day ~~ pretty kite ~~

The wild plum trees in full bloom ~~ we pulled up & brought home a couple of little ones ~~ the bees are loving them ~~

The "Home Comfort" Treasure dug up from our yard ~~

On Monday I turned another year older & just look at my Beautiful Birthday Flowers from my sweet Mom & Dad! I LOVE Daffodils, Petunias, & Snapdragons & the colors are so bright & pretty & they smell so good!

We've been really busy lately with lots of projects & with spring just about here we're spending lots more time outside now. Last week we had to completely renovate our pond because the liner was leaking. It was a huge job emptying it & re-doing it but now it's so clean & pretty & the spring flowers should come up soon all around it.

After finishing the pond re-do we rewarded ourselves with a nice relaxing & fun picnic & flew kites. On our way home we grabbed up a couple of little wild plum trees. TZ chose a spot behind the beehives to plant them & dug up an amazing treasure out of the ground. It's a metal cooling shelf from an old Home Comfort Stove. We've dug up tons of old bottles & other little treasures from all around our house & woods in our 5 years here but this was THE neatest "find"! Since our house was built in 1891 it could be very, very old!

Feels like spring here already! In the 80's again today & I have flowers to plant!!

xoxoxo Kathy


Tracy said...

Kat, my birthday was Monday too. Happy Belated Birthday! The flowers are so pretty...I am so ready for spring! It sure felt like it today.

Tracy said...

Wow Kathy, I am from Longview. My husband works in Tatum with a lot of guys from Carthage...maybe some of your family? My husband's family are from Bonham, your house reminds me of there. Cool.

She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kathy! I was just roaming around blogs tonight and decided to catch up with you! It looks like spring has come to your cottage.

Linda Lou said...

love the birthday flowers.
really love the wheat grass from the dumpster and the cooling shelf from the yard and the little plum trees from the field. You always find the coolest stuff!!!!
do you have new fish for the pond??? love you, LAN

Brandy said...

Happy birthday!!! Gosh I need to take the kids kite flying! They would love it.

You guys have sooo much fun! The pond looks pretty and I love your dumpster find!

Eric said...

wow, dumpster wheat grass. make some dumpster wheat grass juice with it, of course. be careful, though, you might start a trend.

Joy said...

Happy Belated bday! Your flowers look so pretty!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday! A little late sorry. Your flowers are gorgeous and your pond is going to look so pretty when all the flowers are in bloom. So jealous! We still have a bunch of snow but it will get there. That is a beautiful treasure you found on your property. How fun that your land holds so many pieces of the past for you to find. I love the pictures of your parents. It's a rare thing to find couples who are still married after so many years. What a blessing.

CouponAlbum said...

How lovely pictures of kite flying picnic!! Flowers are so nice!!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Happy belated birthday! Love all of the pretty flowers. Love the great find.

Hugs :)


Bellamere Cottage said...

Dumpster diving! I LOVE you! I have been known to "dive" too. Don't you wonder why people throw great things away?

Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment.


Barbara said...

Kathy, I also live in Texas ...glad to find another Texan. Please come and see me.