Wednesday, April 25, 2007

~~Front Porch & Roses in Springtime!~

I am SO thrilled that Spring is here ~ I constantly have a smile on my face! Once again it's time to sit on the porch or out in the garden & enjoy the sunshine, a warm breeze, the singing birds, & a cup of coffee! It's finally warm in Texas & so nice to get out of the sweaters & put on shorts & flip-flops again. I am not a winter girl so I am happy happy to see it gone & to get back to the beauty of new spring life in every little plant, tree, & flower ~ I think they are smiling too! :-) This Katy Road rose bush is just across from my porch & is so full & pretty this year. We spent the entire afternoon of Earth Day working in the garden & have so many new projects that sometimes we don't make ourselves take time to sit & enjoy ~ so today I will take some time out in my day to do just that! After much needed rain & thunderstorms last night the sun is brilliant this morning ~ I'm on my way to snap some green beans on the porch & then pick a bouquet!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

~~Bed & Breakfast-ing in the Texas Bluebonnets~~

One of the joys of living in Texas is seeing a field of blue in the springtime! My mom, my sister, & I just had a lovely "girls" weekend away to see the Bluebonnets which were breathtaking this year. The recent rains brought them to their peak & instead of a few patches here & there like some years ~ we had fields & fields of blue, some with the red Indian Paintbrush mixed in, some with Red Poppies ~ gorgeous! We stayed at a wonderful old Bed & Breakfast which was a house built in 1883 & for 3 days we drove the Bluebonnet Trails, went to the Bluebonnet Festival, & just enjoyed being together. A very special weekend & the most Beautiful Bluebonnets I've ever seen!

Sunday, April 8, 2007


~~A wonderful HAPPY EASTER Sunday
Evening to everyone!~~

Monday, April 2, 2007

~~Little Hutches & Fun Fiesta~~

I have a soft place in my heart for "little furniture" & over the years I have collected small hutches that take up little space & hold some very special treasures. I've always loved Fiesta but would never have owned any if I hadn't walked into one of my favorite thrift stores several years ago at just the right second. There stacked on a shelf was an entire set of the OLD Fiesta - 40 plus pieces. A lady was just walking away from them & I quickly checked them out & saw that one plate was marked $8.91. I couldn't grab a basket quick enough but made it back to them & carefully put them all in my basket ~~ just in time for the same lady to walk up & say "those are $8.91 for each piece". I know how this thrift store works & already knew it was for the entire set. After telling her this she followed me around the store for the next half hour trying to get them away from me!!! I love their bright colors & the combination of them together & they always make me smile ~ they look like sunshine! Since finding that set I have added a couple of newer pink & blue pieces that I've found at garage sales & my grown children's favorite childhood book "Goodnight Moon" just looks like it belongs with the colors of Fiesta! ~~ My second little distressed shabby green & white hutch holds a special collection of tiny gardening books, birdwatching books, "grape" dishes that I made in high school are behind the orange doors, & the "clove oranges" that I make every Christmas ~ I'm amazed that they still smell wonderful. I enjoy these 2 little child-size hutches & will always treasure my "Fun Fiesta Find"!