Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~~Hummingbird Haven~~

~Our new garden room is a Hummingbird Haven with as many as 7 Hummingbirds buzzing the feeders at one time ~~ we've never had this many until this year! ~ It's so entertaining to watch these tiny birds do what they do! ~~ So little, so cute!

Have a great week! Kathy xoxo

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~~Happy Mother's Day!~~

~~HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!~~ We had a wonderful Mother's Day lunch with my mom & dad, I played my piano, & picked bouquets of Pink Roses! I missed my boys Ryan & Eric, both still teaching in South Korea, but it was a special & beautiful Mother's Day!~~

~~Hope you all had a Beautiful Day!~~

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~~Garden Room ~ A Lovely Spot~~

I know! I've been a long time gone from this blog! Not sure why I haven't blogged in so long - somehow I just got away from it, keeping busy just loving spring & this spring I am loving this new lovely spot. TZ just put a tin roof on our back deck & it's hard to stay away from it ~~ it's a great place to be, awesome place to relax with morning coffee, dinner, or even a nap ~~ Especially nice when it rains on the tin roof ~

Cookie & Cabo love the cushy papasan chair as much as we do & this past week-end we found a second one at a garage sale for $7 ...... so now we each have one ~ they are so comfortable you really can curl up & nap in them. And I recently got a laptop (never had one - best thing ever!) so I can even work "in the garden room" now, ebaying the afternoon away in the papasan chair. So there you go, & here I am ~ just enjoying this new lovely "spot" in my day!

Hope you enjoy a "spot in your day" ~~ I'm happy to be back to my blog!~~