Monday, July 30, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TZ! ~~The love of my life turns 49 today ~ our weekend was a Happy celebration of dancing & celebrating at the Rockin' Rodeo where we spend every Friday & Saturday night on the dance floor~ boot scootin' & twirling the night away to country music ~

I Love puttin' on my Pink Boots! ~ or black, or brown, or the ones I found at a garage sale autographed by Travis Tritt & Sammy Kershaw ~ In our 5 years of dancing we have rarely missed a night ~ 35 miles from the country to get there but we're there because we love to dance ~ we ARE addicted to dancing!

Happy Birthday to a guy who loves adventure & who I call "Superman" because he can do anything & everything! The bottom picture we were on top of Guadalupe Peak - the highest point in Texas & a mountain we have hiked twice ~ absolutely beautiful up there ~~ & there is a geocache at the top! We also love to geocache - check out ~ treasure hunting that will take you to so many beautiful & interesting places....we are "kattz" in the geocache world with 1,436 finds & 43 caches that we have placed to be found. Our chihuahuas Cabo & Cookie love being "Little Scout" & "Baby Scout" when we're on the trails to find one! When the GPS "beeps" they know it's time to jump outta the car & start looking for the "treasure"! Happy Happy Birthday honey oso! Here's to many more dances & geocaches in our future!

Monday, July 23, 2007

~~When It Rains ** I Sew!~~Pillows*Pillows*Pillows!~~

Wow - what a busy & RAINY SUMMER!! North Texas has seen rain this summer like we've never seen before - & it just keeps coming! I love it! And when it rains I love to Sew! So in between ebay, gardening, just enjoying summertime, & everything else I have spent alot of time at the sewing machine. But I have missed my blog & all my blog friends so I gotta get back at it :-) I'm so envious of all of you who manage to post almost every day ~~ I wanna do that! I realized that once you get "outta the groove" it's easy to get lost! I want to say a special "thank you" to all the sweet comments I've received since I began my blog a few months ago & thanks for all your wonderful sewing room organizing tips! Well this is what I've been doing & here are some of my creations that I have listed on ebay ~ I enjoyed making every single one! Happy Summer to you all & I'm off to read what you're all up to!