Monday, July 30, 2007


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TZ! ~~The love of my life turns 49 today ~ our weekend was a Happy celebration of dancing & celebrating at the Rockin' Rodeo where we spend every Friday & Saturday night on the dance floor~ boot scootin' & twirling the night away to country music ~

I Love puttin' on my Pink Boots! ~ or black, or brown, or the ones I found at a garage sale autographed by Travis Tritt & Sammy Kershaw ~ In our 5 years of dancing we have rarely missed a night ~ 35 miles from the country to get there but we're there because we love to dance ~ we ARE addicted to dancing!

Happy Birthday to a guy who loves adventure & who I call "Superman" because he can do anything & everything! The bottom picture we were on top of Guadalupe Peak - the highest point in Texas & a mountain we have hiked twice ~ absolutely beautiful up there ~~ & there is a geocache at the top! We also love to geocache - check out ~ treasure hunting that will take you to so many beautiful & interesting places....we are "kattz" in the geocache world with 1,436 finds & 43 caches that we have placed to be found. Our chihuahuas Cabo & Cookie love being "Little Scout" & "Baby Scout" when we're on the trails to find one! When the GPS "beeps" they know it's time to jump outta the car & start looking for the "treasure"! Happy Happy Birthday honey oso! Here's to many more dances & geocaches in our future!


the feathered nest said...

A very happy birthday to him! You guys sound like a fun couple! Now I've got to check out that geocaching.


PAT said...

Happy Birthday to your guy!

My kids do geocaching, everywhere they go. All over the US, they've done this and really enjoy it.


She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Kattz!! I checked out that geocaching site. That sounds like a lot of fun and something my hubby might be interested in.