Thursday, March 27, 2008

~~Here a Chick*There a Chick & I've been Tagged!~~

BUTTERSCOTCH ~~ He's Pretty but he's VERY MEAN!!

Meet the new members of our family.....14 new feathered babies! Our grown hens already give us more eggs each week than we can eat but with the price of eggs these days a few more can't hurt! We're always happy to share & the eggs you gather yourself are always the best. We have brown eggs & colored eggs & they are so creamy & good.

We've had the new babies a couple of weeks & they are growing so fast!

On the other hand, we have a very mean rooster - he's a beautiful big Buff Orpington but he attacks us! I have bruises & cuts on my leg & knee from his attacks. I plan to find a new NICE rooster soon!
Sorry Butterscotch :-( You will have to go to a new home before the new babies head to the coop.


I'm happy to have been tagged by Suzanne ~ Painter of the Past at Pear Tree Primitives to tell you how I came up with my blog & business name ~~ kattz*cottage
This is interesting because I've always wondered how so many blog names come about & why they are chosen!! So here is mine ~~


KAT is a nickname from my husband TZ

TZ is my nickname for him & it's his initials

Put the two together & you have "kattz".....& I have LOVED Cottages since I was a little girl & I do live in my dream cottage ~~ I have collected Cottage china & Cottage pictures for years & years & there is nothing COZIER than a Cottage!

In the fall of 2002 we started a new adventure called Geocaching and "kattz" is the geocaching name we came up with by putting our names together. Geocaching is SO much fun! It's all about treasure hunting with a GPS & it takes you to some of the most beautiful places! Since 2002 we have found 1666 geocaches & we have placed 50 of our own to be found. We do lots of geocaches on every trip we take ~~ you never know where they will lead you! You can find us through as "kattz"!

Since kattz was our geocache name I decided to change my ebay name to kattz*cottage ~~ so on from there it just made perfect sense to be kattz*cottage in the blogging world too!

I will pass this tag on to anyone who would like to tell us your "blog name" story!

Beautiful, warm, & sunny 80's here today ~~ hope yours is beautiful too!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


My BEST garage sale find of the week ~~ Easter Egg Tree with eggs, bunnies, & birds....25 cents!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

~~Happy Spring & Home Sweet Cottage!~~


I'm SO happy SPRING is here! Four years ago on the first day of spring we moved into our little cozy cottage in the country! HOME SWEET HOME!

Our country kitchen is a very vintage-colorful-eclectic-cottage-combination of things I love ~ vintage 30's & 40's Universal water pitchers, fiesta, cottage china, & sentimental heirloom treasures. Lots of Red! ~

Looking at these pictures though makes me want to minimize! Hard to do when I'm adding new garage sale finds like the fruit bowl, red lid, & little teapot up there! I'll have to work on it ~~ Our sunny cottage kitchen makes me happy!

We have warm sunshine & 70's here in Texas today!

Hope you all have a LOVELY first day of SPRING!

Monday, March 17, 2008

~~Congratulations to Rosie's Whimsy!!!!~~


And CONGRATULATIONS to ROSIE'S WHIMSY ~~ the big winner in the drawing for my blogaversary give-away! I am happy to add a few more goodies seen here ~~ A Roses Apron! Easter Eggs! And I'm sending two very special little treasures made by my mom & dad. My dad carves little Loons out of wood & paints them.......My mom is a wonderful painter & has recently made little magnets from her watercolors. These will be be included with my give-away!

I am truly flattered that I received so many lovely comments from so many wonderful bloggers! I can't say THANK YOU enough! I was very surprised to hear from all of you & due to a long weekend away from the computer I haven't had the chance to catch up in answering all of you......I WILL do that before the day is over!

I hope all of you will come back for many more visits to kattz*cottage!

Congrats again to Rosie ~~ I will send your package on it's way!! THANKS SO MUCH!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

~~Happy One Year Cottage Give-Away!~~

What fun this has been! One year ago this week I started kattz*cottage blog! I haven't been the best blogger with constant keeping up but I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping this little journal & meeting so many wonderful people in the blog world. I love reading each & every comment I receive & I have learned so much from reading so many beautiful blogs!

To say "Thank You" here is my anniversary "in the pink" cottage give-away ~~ A reversible Lavender Dream Pillow, Lavender Strawberry Sachet & matching Lavender Sachet "Little Purse" all Handmade by me ~~ a beautiful Cottage Flowers photo album, Rose picture frame, a Victorian Fan, & some other sweet cottage chic treasures! All comments left between today & Sunday night ~ 3/16 will be entered in the drawing ~~ I will have a Top o' the Mornin' St. Patrick's Day announcement of the winner on Monday March 17!

I would love to meet new blogging friends so feel free to pass the word along if you'd like. I will also later add a few more give-away treasures to the 10 things pictured above!

A huge THANK YOU for all your kind words & blogging friendship!

Much Love & Hugs! ~~ Kathy

Sunday, March 9, 2008

~~The 50's & a Little Marco Polo Piano~~

okay - it's not easy getting another year older, or is it? No, really, it's not so bad.

I've been another year older for a whole week now & I'm getting use to it.
Doesn't feel any different really. I can even say it - I'm 53 now ~ wow.
March 2, 1955 - but my dad reminds me almost every year - it's also "Texas Independence Day" & hey, that's important too & I usually think of that first!

I'm happy, I'm healthy, & I'm ready for every new year to come ~~ bring 'em all on. I have a happy warm cozy home & a tremendous amount of love in my life.

I had a sweet, calm, simple, celebration~ music to my ears. I was given a piece of my childhood that I've missed ~ to play the piano again. It's an amazing small size so it doesn't take up much room in our little cottage. Didn't even know they made "real" pianos this little ~ but it surely is a real piano. There are a few less keys since it's smaller but like my mom says - who uses the keys on the ends of a piano?....I never have so this one is just right for me!

I am happily sonatina-ing away on the keys every day now & my fingertips are working hard to recall Clair 'de Lune - my favorite on the piano because my mom has played it since I was a little girl.

I discovered Craig's List just recently, through my sister & from seeing other bloggers with great finds. So when I didn't want to get too serious about a piano (meaning not to spend much $$ ~ just something I could play) I went to Craig's List for the first time ever & found just what I was looking for to celebrate another year ~~ this little Marco Polo cutie just down the road - for $50. Thanks TZ for bringing music to our cottage!
It's a "cute as a button" birthday piano & I adore it!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

~~BLOGging Behind & Why is it Snowing in Texas?~~

Bird Feeder/House TZ just built ~~ has been a popular place today.......

Cabo & Cookie looking out the window - wondering "What is that Stuff?"......

Walking into our Woods......fierce thunderstorm this week knocked the canoe to the ground....

Wicker "SnowChair" on the's crazy seeing all this snow when I'm looking for Spring!

The Woods behind our House......

Spring is suppose to be "right around the corner" & look what happened today in Texas - crazy WINTER is back in full force with Snow like I haven't seen in years. I'm SO ready for spring to be here! But if you're from Texas you will know the old saying "If you don't like the weather, wait a minute & it will change"! Which it has surely done lately - one day day's been doing this for a month ~~~back & forth

Well the blog world has gone about it's day to day thing & I've been in hibernation mode for way too long. I spend so much time all day on the computer working on ebay that I tend to be so ready to "sign off" when I'm through ~~ with no blogging to be done. "Bad Blogger"!!

I am about to be upon my One Year blogging anniversary & although I have been a bad blogger I plan to celebrate with a super-duper giveaway!

So please DO come back & I will try to be a better blogger back on my blogging track!