Sunday, March 9, 2008

~~The 50's & a Little Marco Polo Piano~~

okay - it's not easy getting another year older, or is it? No, really, it's not so bad.

I've been another year older for a whole week now & I'm getting use to it.
Doesn't feel any different really. I can even say it - I'm 53 now ~ wow.
March 2, 1955 - but my dad reminds me almost every year - it's also "Texas Independence Day" & hey, that's important too & I usually think of that first!

I'm happy, I'm healthy, & I'm ready for every new year to come ~~ bring 'em all on. I have a happy warm cozy home & a tremendous amount of love in my life.

I had a sweet, calm, simple, celebration~ music to my ears. I was given a piece of my childhood that I've missed ~ to play the piano again. It's an amazing small size so it doesn't take up much room in our little cottage. Didn't even know they made "real" pianos this little ~ but it surely is a real piano. There are a few less keys since it's smaller but like my mom says - who uses the keys on the ends of a piano?....I never have so this one is just right for me!

I am happily sonatina-ing away on the keys every day now & my fingertips are working hard to recall Clair 'de Lune - my favorite on the piano because my mom has played it since I was a little girl.

I discovered Craig's List just recently, through my sister & from seeing other bloggers with great finds. So when I didn't want to get too serious about a piano (meaning not to spend much $$ ~ just something I could play) I went to Craig's List for the first time ever & found just what I was looking for to celebrate another year ~~ this little Marco Polo cutie just down the road - for $50. Thanks TZ for bringing music to our cottage!
It's a "cute as a button" birthday piano & I adore it!


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!! I love your piano! What an awesome gift to give yourself! I love Craigslist and have just recently discovered it too. I am so happy you found something that touched your childhood heart!! I hope you have a good week and it's ok if you procrastinate on working on your project. It will get done when the painting bug hits you.

the feathered nest said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a good one. What a wonderful piano! We had one but had to get rid of it a few years back - it was too big and took up a lot of space and my DD had stopped playing. But I always just like the look of it - but just didn't have room for it anymore. The one you got is perfect!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday! Love your piano! That is a perfect husband (who is the piano player in the family), would love one in our home, aka: cottage!

Heidi ( said...

Well, Happy Birthday! My my my! My birthday is March 2 as well! Just this year I turned 50, whoot! I'm lovin' it. If you read my blog post for March 2 you'll see the t-shirt picture I made that I put on a t-shirt (I wore on my birthday!).
Everyday Cookies blog

PS Love the piano! Of course!

She'sSewPretty said...

I love your little piano! When my daughter bought a new house, her piano went with her. I miss hearing my boys and hubby play. Is yours really called Marco Polo? I will have to look for one. It looks like the perfect size for my little house too.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday!!

bee'nme said...

Happy Happy Belated Birthday Kathy!! LOVE your great Craigslist piano find - what an absolutely precious piano - perfect!! I wish you many more happy years of making music with it!! Birthday Blessings...and Happy Blog Anniversary too!!

Becky S.

meg said...

Wow! What a great deal & it is sooo cute :-)
Happy Belated Birthday~ I've been remiss in dropping by (that silly 'work' thing keeps getting in the way :-P)
Also- Happy Blogversary` I, too, am glad you made the plunge into Blogland.

Randy said...

My father was the only importer and distributor of the Marco Polo piano and owned the name. I graduated high school in 1965, and sold these for our company to the piano dealers. I delivered many of these by myself including up stairs.

It warms my heart that you are happy with it. I stumbled across this blog accidentally.