Thursday, July 3, 2008

~~What IS it?~~

~~Just lookin' for a little help from my friends! I have some things that I'm trying to identify! Some of them I bought to put on ebay but haven't listed them because I don't know what they ARE! Any ideas anybody? Let me know if you know what any of them are!......OR what they could be turned into!

This is a heavy cast iron 4" Rooster that has a screw in the bottom - not like a lamp finial but must have come off of something???!!??

This is a vintage perfume that I KNOW I've seen even when I was a little girl -- old fashioned couple on top of lid - criss cross design on the bottle - it has NO markings on it at all......surely someone knows what this is!!

This is a porcelain handpainted 2 1/2" cylinder that is open at the top & bottom - has felt inside & gold metal around the top - I have no idea what it's for?!?

This is another little silver metal cylinder only an inch tall - has raised designs & has a small hole on top & larger opening on the bottom.....what is it?!?

I paid a dollar for this & planned to re-paint & use it but I'm not sure what to do with it a plate rack? And what goes in the bottom? If it's a plate rack I don't really want to hang it on the wall so is there something else it can be used for?

I've sold French Presses on ebay before but these appear different....or are they? The teapot has a press type plunger but the coffeepot just has the filter & lid with no press inside. Are they another type of French Press?......

This is a stoneware pot made like an angel food cake or bundt pan but it has a lid ~ I have no idea what it's used for!?? To bake something I'm sure but surely it has a specific purpose? There are no makers markings on it......

I will love to hear any ideas even if they are inventive & other than what these things really are! Creativity can be better than logical!

HAPPY 4th of JULY to everyone ~ have a Safe & Fun Holiday! xoxoxox Kathy


Anonymous said...

holy mackeral!!! you sure did get some good finds!!! unfortunately, I'm no help when it comes to trying to figure out what the heck they are...but I'm impressed!!
thanks for sharing, and I hope you get some good ideas and/or answers.

PAT said...

All of these things are very nice. However, I am stumped as to what they are. The shelf appears to be a plate rack. The other things I don't know. The "cake" crock, looks like, just that, a cake crock. Never saw one before.

Wish I was more help!
Have a great week.

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I wonder if the rooster came of a weather vane? I think it would look cool on top of a fence post or a birdhouse!

I bet "The Nesting Place" gal would make a fabulous tassel out of the metal cylinder.

Good luck solving the mysteries!

:-) Rosi

Tricia Anne said...

Good Morning,
I have a paper towel holder that is iron and has a topper very similar to your rooster! Only mind is a white bird. So I am assuming it is from Target, because that is where I bought mine. :o)

Shirlee said...

My first thought on the rooster was maybe he was once the top part of a weather vane. The rest have me stumped.
I've passed along a couple of awards to you. When you get a chance, stop on over and pick them up.
Have a great day! :)

She'sSewPretty said...

I'm curious to know if you've found out what any of those items were. I don;t have a clue. The rings almost look like napkin holders but I suppose the opening is too small. I'd love to hear what you found out.

bj said...

No ideas on what any of these are but they are ALL so neat. Maybe I can win one if you put them on ebay.

Debbie said...

Hi there....I have something special waiting for you on my blog...hop over and check it out!

Sorry, I can't help ID anything you have here but I sure like that white shelf....can't believe you got it for $1...what a deal!


Joy said...

Cute things. I was thinking the rooster went on top of a weather vane or a lamp.. not sure on the other goodies.

terri said...

I have teapots such as what you have found. you place the loose tea inside the perforated cylinder and the boiling water is poured over it to just full and the pot is almost filled with the remainder of boiling water. After brewing about 3-5 min. press the plunger down to squeeze out the excess water and stop the co-mingling of tea leaves with the water. I absolutely love mine and use it daily. You sure lucked out on some awesome finds!!