Wednesday, May 30, 2007

~~My Sewing Binge & the NEED to get ORGANIZED!!~~

~~My 31 year old Singer has been sing-ing this week & I've been a ~Happy Girl~! The blog world just passed me by as I measured, cut, picked out lace, buttons, stitched, ripped, ironed, & stitched some more! I finished a pillow, almost finished a purse, & am working on 2 more pillows. I have really wanted to sew lately but if I start "blogging" I only get as far as turning on the iron! So I resisted & got busy & it felt good to create some new things. I get so much inspiration from the "creative corners" I see on other blogs & I have been trying to get organized for years. My bright & sunny sewing room is also our guest room, & computer room so I have to make every inch of my space count. Almost every piece of furniture in this room is from the curb & every drawer is crammed full of unorganized fabric! My son Ryan found the antique table that I use for sewing on the curb in front of a little house he rented during college - it has great wood detail & drawers & I was so proud that he called me to come get it ~ he knows his mama! I loaded up the jadeite green antique dresser from a curb & transformed it from a very dirty white - the top drawer is a jumbled mess full of laces, crochet trim, fringe, etc ~ the bottom 2 hold fabric. The little white dresser came from a curb by a dumpster, the white mirror behind the sewing machine came out of a dumpster, the white antique armoire has bakelite handles & was a $20 garage sale find that I repainted. (The mannequins perched there are going to ebay & are just in the way but no place else to put them!!) All of these dressers hold fabric, patterns, fringe, & a mess of sewing "stuff". I am a "fabric-fanatic".....most all of it comes from yard sales & estate sales & I love every little special piece that I find. My problem is I can't get it organized!! I love my sewing room but it's a mess! What you can't see is the shelves high on the wall stacked with fabric, bins under the bed full of fabric......fabric stacked on the floor & in the way.....some of it is big bulky pieces like bedspreads & even clothing that I want to use so it's just in piles. I can't part with it, I want to sew it ALL!! But I need to find the answer to organizing it. I won't blog all the mess but it's there! ~ I will be grateful for any ideas or suggestions. I spend alot of time in this room working on ebay & working with fabric so I want to make it all work better for me. I know the fabrics I have & want to use but spend alot of time looking for them. I finally found some thread racks so at least they're outta the drawer & the one thing I do have organized. The bed is my cutting table ~nutty but true ~ I use a hard plastic board underneath a cutting board ~ and between Cabo, Cookie, & Kharma Kitty someone is always taking a baby nap on top of what I'm working on! Our Vacation starts Saturday so maybe I will come back refreshed with new ideas! Aren't there some good books about making places to create more "neat & workable"! Let me know! Happy Evening!


Suzanne said...

Hi Kathy~

I love your sewing space... the colors are very sweet. My creative space is my dining room table, and my storage area is a hall closet. I can't recommend a particular book...but I organize my fabrics by color and then put them in see- through bins.

Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation!


She'sSewPretty said...

Ohhh...I absolutely covet your sewing room. I sit at the dining room table and I have to put everything away when I am done for the day so if inspiration hits me later, I usually wait until the next day...Lucky you!

meggie said...

Hi Kathy, my first visit to your blog. It is just beautiful, & I have enjoyed reading your posts! I love your dogs, & the sweet cat. I have just posted our wee woolly babies if you are interested to see them.
we have got most of our furniture from garage sales, & I just love to think of giving something a new lease on life!
Your sewing/computer room looks very neat compared to mine!LOL.
I get a lot of fabric at Garage sales, as we call them here. I love to quilt too. Isnt the world of blogging great, we can get to meet such interesting people, who otherwise we would never meet!
You blog is beautiful.

The Feathered Nest said...

You have a charming sewing room! It looks so bright and cheerful I can just imagine what a joy it is to work in this room! I think "Organizing Your Craft Space" by Jo Packham is a good book with lots of practical info.


Paula said...

Hi Kathy, Your sewing room/guest room is so pretty and sweet! I love it! For organizing you could build, buy, or find a bookshelf to put all your fabric in. You can fold the fabric, stack it up, and organize by color, then when you need something you can see it all there in front of you. You could also make a fabric cover to go over the bookcase to hide it all from view. It opens in the front with tie backs so you can easily get to what you need. I have seen a pattern before for just that sort of thing, but you could make one with no problem! Your kitty is cute! Pearl loves to lay on any fabric I have out. Have a wonderful vacation! Blessings, Paula

Marilyn said...

My sewing space is also my guest room. I hear you when you say you have to make every inch count! Your space looks great and I'm hoping it will rub off on me to get my space organized.

Paula said...

Hi Kathy, Yes it is great to have treasures from when you were young! I would love to see some of your treasures! I think my friend Karen called the blue cabinet a wax cabinet. I have not heard of that before, and I will have to ask her about it. Have you heard of that? I also wanted to tell you how gorgeous the pillow and purse are that you made! I am going to sew tomorrow. It is so much fun isn't it? I know you enjoy sewing in that cheerful and lovely room! Have a wonderful weekend! Paula

PurpleFlowerFairy said...

i simply adore that green dresser and you found if for FREE???!!! i need to move - lol! i never find free stuff like that. debbie =)

Becky said...

In our little cottage, our extra bedroom is the guest room, computer room, sewing room, and there is a washer/dryer behind the folding doors.! I know exactly what you mean about storage and lack of room.

Your colors are so soft and pretty. You do such a nice job with sewing.