Tuesday, May 8, 2007

~~Me? Tagged? Okie Dokie!~~

Looks like it's my turn to be "tagged for weirdness" by Arlene at Lil Cottage Shoppe!

1. I don't like to eat the ends of french fries ~ I snapped green beans this morning for supper & as I snapped the ends off I realized this must be related!

2. I learned how to type in high school in the 70's so have typed on typewriters for years & before computers. Even when I'm not on the computer my fingers are "typing" ~ especially when I'm watching TV I type what I'm hearing. I'm usually not aware of this but my husband always tends to notice!

3. I would rather be outside digging in the dirt, planting, even pulling weeds than inside cleaning house.

4. I think I need "blog school" because I'm still lost in how everything works! You all make it look so easy so I know I must be missing something. I would love to make a pretty header but I haven't figured out how. I have a terrible time writing a post because nothing ever lines up right - everything shows up all jumbled up instead of neatly on top of each other......lol There must be some simple tips or tricks & I AM going to figure it all out!

5. Anytime I find a bug inside the house I take it outside & set it free - especially crickets - I could never step on one. If a wasp comes in I wait till it lands, put a cup over it, & take it outside.

6. I have always poured my dishwashing liquid into honey bear bottles to sit cutely on my sink!

7. One of our new spring baby chicks got attacked by a raccoon & lost one of her wings. She had fallen over & had been trampled by the other hens. I didn't think she would live so just to keep her comfortable in her last day or so I kept her inside the house for 2 weeks, wrapped warmly in a blanket, petted her, played soft music & sang to her. I named her HOPE & today she is out there with her sisters flapping her one little wing! I couldn't believe she would survive with one wing but she surely did. I can go out & call her name or sing to her & she KNOWS I'm talking to her! I don't think this is weird but most people would think it's weird to sing to a chicken! She's an Americana & will someday lay colored eggs. In the top picture Hope is in the middle!

Just about everyone I've met has been tagged so anyone new that might visit can feel free to tag yourself!


Betty Jo said...

Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for dropping by to visit my blog! I so love meeting new people and enjoyed reading your tag list. The dish liquid in a honey bear bottle is such a clever idea. How sad about the baby chick's wing. Hope is such a beautiful name and I'm so glad you were able to save her. xoxo

Alison said...

I hope Hope continues to be a happy chicken. What do you sing to her Kathy??
I spend a lot of time talking to my dog Chalky.
Shall we laugh together.

Marilyn said...

Kathy, I was trying to comment on today's post and there wasn't a comment link so I'm commenting here!

I love your yard, the Alamo and the gate, especially. I'm always so envious of your beautiful plants. After mowing in the rain this afternoon, I came in for some much needed rest and found your pictures to be just that, very restful. Thank you!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh, i agree, i want to go to blog school too! Where do we sign up for classes? I can't figure anything out.

I have one of the same angel statues that you have in your garden. Don't they bring joy to a flower bed?

Robolady said...

I do the typing thing too. But then when I learned Sign language It changed to fingerspelling. Now it's a combination of both. I wonder what makes us do that????

Mrs. G said...

that is such a good idea about the Honey Bears!