Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Handmade Shoes~Summer 1974


When - June 1974

Where - Holiday Park Campground - Destin Beach, Florida

What - Embroidered Shoes - Made by Me

In 1974 on a summer camping trip to Destin, Florida with my family, my sister Linda & I sat on a picnic table & spent our summer days at Holiday Park Campground embroidering shoes. We made the tops out of muslin & embroidered colorful flowers on them. Then we took the tops off of our old Dr. Scholl's sandals & replaced them with our newly embroidered tops!

Needless to say, from looking at them I wore mine to pieces. Chips in the wood & very dirty!

I washed the tops & was amazed that they cleaned up very well ~ and they are now attached to a brand new pair of Dr. Scholl's that I found at a garage sale.
36 years later they are good as new! Linda recently wrote on her blog that she is embroidering a bedspread! Wow - So now I think I must look for a new embroidery project to do!

I love thinking of summer memories from the past just as much as I love making new ones! I hope everyone is having a GREAT SUMMER!!! Kathy xoxo


Anonymous said...

Those are so pretty! You are SOOOO CRAFTY!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

okay, so where are my shoes? i wonder what happened to them?????
it just took me about 4 hours to embroider one corner of the 4 sided square that will become a bedspread. that is a whole lot of work i have to do!!!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

lol......I don't know girl - you know ME - I'm the packrat & keep everything! After you finish the bedspread you will have to make a new pair of zapatas!!!