Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hatch Green Chile & Corn Relish.....

In between sewing, cleaning out & straightening up my sewing room, plus clearing out & throwing away unnecessary "stuff" (it feels really good to get rid of "stuff") - along with too many other projects that I seem to be in the middle of - yikes -I spent a whole morning this week canning corn relish. This took the ENTIRE morning!

Wish you'd been here mom! My other two canning adventures this summer making muscadine jelly & strawberry jam were with mom by my side reading directions & it was easy breezy helping each other along the way. I did this one all by myself & what alot of work!
But it was worth it - we've eaten almost two whole jars because it turned out surprisingly good. Promise I'll bring you some mom & dad before it's all gone.

And THANKS SO MUCH mom for finding Hatch Green Chile at Kroger in Denton for 99 cents a pound! Wow wow wow.....I just looked at the Hatch Green Chile website where you can buy 10 frozen pounds for $86.00 - Wow again - my 6 pounds at Kroger for fresh green chile was $6.00 & roasting them on the grill myself was worth every penny.

Almost 20 years ago I lived in Santa Fe, NM & the best thing about living there was buying Hatch Green Chile off the street corner as they were roasting them in huge roasting barrels. I use to buy huge burlap bags full, take them home & freeze them, & put them on EVERYTHING!

I'm SO happy to have them again, right now, right here in TX & they are just as good as if I were in Santa Fe again. I made a green chile relleno casserole & have already put them on EVERYTHING! My favorite new discovery - Pimento cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise & green chile. I've eaten one every day this week for lunch along with my favorite summer food - watermelon - And my "Luby's Tea" :-)

Will you check the Kroger ad for me mom? I'm off to Denton tomorrow where I must buy every Hatch Green Chili I can find!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time to Sew....

Looking at some of my favorite sewing blogs lately has inspired me to get back to my sewing machine & get busy with some new projects.....

I found this wonderful old piece of fabric at a garage sale & knew it would make a pretty pillow ~ just an easy pillow with brush fringe down the sides.....I cut up a matelasse pillow sham for the back. It's my favorite color - deep dark red - I love the design & colors in this old fabric.

I have a new pattern, pieces cut and ready to start a sundress next. The pattern reminds me of a dress mom made for me in high school - one of my favorite summer dresses from ages ago. Gotta get going on it before fall gets here!