Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hatch Green Chile & Corn Relish.....

In between sewing, cleaning out & straightening up my sewing room, plus clearing out & throwing away unnecessary "stuff" (it feels really good to get rid of "stuff") - along with too many other projects that I seem to be in the middle of - yikes -I spent a whole morning this week canning corn relish. This took the ENTIRE morning!

Wish you'd been here mom! My other two canning adventures this summer making muscadine jelly & strawberry jam were with mom by my side reading directions & it was easy breezy helping each other along the way. I did this one all by myself & what alot of work!
But it was worth it - we've eaten almost two whole jars because it turned out surprisingly good. Promise I'll bring you some mom & dad before it's all gone.

And THANKS SO MUCH mom for finding Hatch Green Chile at Kroger in Denton for 99 cents a pound! Wow wow wow.....I just looked at the Hatch Green Chile website where you can buy 10 frozen pounds for $86.00 - Wow again - my 6 pounds at Kroger for fresh green chile was $6.00 & roasting them on the grill myself was worth every penny.

Almost 20 years ago I lived in Santa Fe, NM & the best thing about living there was buying Hatch Green Chile off the street corner as they were roasting them in huge roasting barrels. I use to buy huge burlap bags full, take them home & freeze them, & put them on EVERYTHING!

I'm SO happy to have them again, right now, right here in TX & they are just as good as if I were in Santa Fe again. I made a green chile relleno casserole & have already put them on EVERYTHING! My favorite new discovery - Pimento cheese sandwiches with mayonnaise & green chile. I've eaten one every day this week for lunch along with my favorite summer food - watermelon - And my "Luby's Tea" :-)

Will you check the Kroger ad for me mom? I'm off to Denton tomorrow where I must buy every Hatch Green Chili I can find!


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh Kathy! My Gma lived in NM, I think Las Crucis (sp) and she LOVES her chilis. Reading your post made me remember how everytime she would go back and visit her dad she would come home with a GIANT HUGE AMAZINGLY BIG box. I think hers were dried out though (?). She would put them in everything. Now she lives in OK but she lived here in TX forever. Gma was a garage sale queen and she would dumpster dive (or have me jump out & grab a giant sombrero out of the trash). Your stories always remind me of her. I only see her "maybe" once every year or two now but just everything about your life reminds me of Gma... And no I'm not saying you are old!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

boy does that sandwich look good! And there better still be some hatch chili corn relish on the shelf when I get there next week.!!

foxxy said...

Howdy neighbor! I'm also a Texan! Your relish looks delish. I would love to learn how to can fresh produce. This time of year out local grocery store roasts green chilies outside. They sell it by the bag. I'll have to buy some next time and hopefully i can find a recipe for canning.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

OooooOoooo! I will need to make a trip to my HEB. My Mom said they were roasting them outside their entrance. I will have to buy some and freeze them. Thanks for sharing this tidbit as I did't know that they could be frozen.

Irma :)

Kerrera Skye said...

MMmmmm.. I've never heard of green chile and corn relish before. It looks delicious. I think I might buy some cans and try some.

Nice blog!