Sunday, June 7, 2009

~~Green Bat House~~

What do you do with leftover tin? If you're TZ, you build a green bat house with a tin roof.
The deck roof is finished so he moved on to other tin roof projects. This is the second bat house he has made. The black one is in our woods.
This one is perched as high as the trees on it's pole awaiting the bats.....we have a couple of bats that fly in around 8:00 in the evening & swoop around our yard......interesting, funny little creatures.....we hope they like their new home ~


Barbara said...

Kattz, Great bat house, I tried one when I lived at Crystal Beach but I never got a bat.
Some of my neighbors had them.

Wishing you luck with your green bat house.



Anonymous said...

BATS!!!!! I hope they don't get too close! I am way afriad of them and the rabies thing doesn't help much.

I do like the green paint and bat design, funny!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love the bat house. I don't think I could have one. As much as I would like to see the bats that come out from under the bridge in Austin... I don't think I could have them in my backyard. However, I do like Batman! LOL

Hugs :)


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Girl!!!Bill and I have a bat house, too! Our house!
When we first got here, they were living in the house with the donkey!!!
Now that most of the roofs are off the house, they don't have a roof to hang onto, but we do have to keep the 2 roofed rooms' doors closed because the bats really swoop low in the evenings! They are fun to watch, but when they swoop it makes me nervous. I feel like they are going to fly right into me! Tell TZ I said Good Job and when you guys come to visit, bring tin! I have green paint! LAN

Laurie said...

They love mosquitoes! Great idea!