Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~~A Silent Night with Marco Polo~~

Remember my little Marco Polo Piano I wrote about in March? I found it on Craig's List for $50 for my birthday ~~ The cutest little thing & it is now newly tuned & sounds wonderful ~~ I am LOVING playing Christmas Carols every single day! My mom gave me lots of her old Christmas Carol books & I sit & play every one of them - over & over & over!

I have scattered my most cherished Christmas possession across the top of the piano ~~ Ryan & Eric with Santa, every year for years until they decided they were too old to sit on Santa's lap!
A big "comfort & joy" this season as they are both teaching in South Korea this Christmas & I miss them terribly.

Just made a cup of hot cocoa & I'm off to play Silent Night!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Eve before Christmas Eve!

Kathy xoxoxoxo


Farmer Di said...

Merry Christmas! We spent Christmas eve with DL's brother & his family here at our home... Blessings to you for 2009

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had fun. That hot chocolate looks yummy!