Friday, May 9, 2008

~~Garden Surprises from the Wildflower Fairy~~

A very unexpected Wildflower Garden has just come to life before our very eyes!

We had a mound of leftover dirt that we had used to fill in holes that our happy chickens dug ~~ Last fall we spread it all out flat & then scattered a variety of seeds - mostly wildflower mix all over it. Just THREW them out there! And then kind of forgot about it - didn't do a thing to it!

Until a couple of weeks ago - when THIS appeared ~ like a Wildflower Fairy had waved her magic wand & wa-laa - there it was! Red Poppies, Blue Bachelor's Buttons, Red Clover, Yellow Coreopsis, Purple Larkspur......It changes & grows every day as more & more little buds open & bloom!

A couple of nights this week we've headed down the road to do our favorite wildflower drive ~~ I love picking huge bouquets of them ~~ and we dug up a few more lovelies to add to add to our new fairy wildflower garden - foxgloves, wine cups, daisies ~ And YES - that IS a purple BOWLING "gazing" BALL smack in the very middle sitting on a stand I picked up from a dumpster in Fredericksburg last month! It was TZ's idea to make it a "gazing" ball stand & I've grown to like that big spash of purple in there! He bought the bowing ball - two of them actually - $1 at a garage sale ~ to paint them like ladybugs for the garden....a very cool idea he saw in a garden magazine!.........but that's another story!

The whole garden is a little unkempt~shabby chic-ish~looking but I kind of like it that way! No planned garden style made by me - just did it's own happy thing!

My Pink Fairy Rose is JUST on the verge of a beautiful bloom! I will bring it to you soon!

Friday night & we're always on the dance floor right about now but decided to give our boots a rest & take a night off......we're up early tomorrow morning to head to the Bowie Trade Days to look for a new *NICE* Rooster, Pet Turkeys, & **FLOWERS**!!!!..............Happy Weekend!! xoxoxo


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend ahead!

Your wildflower photos are so cool. What a great idea. I wonder if that would work in PA. I always have a leftover pile of something come Fall. I think I'll try it....who knows :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

((hugs)) Rosie

Kathleen Grace said...

HI Kathy! Your wildflower garden is just beautiful! It must have been fun to be "surprised" by the different beautiful flowers that came up:>)

Suzanne said...

How pretty! Your unexpected surprises from the Garden Fairy are beautiful Kathy...and the purple bowling/gazing ball fits in perfectly.
Hope you find a "nice" rooster this weekend!

Jacki said...

I love your wildflowers - what a wonderful surprise! I was down in Highland Park yesterday and could not believe the beautiful wildflowers there - in money city! Came home determined to have wildflowers next year. And I'm amazed about the poppies you have - I've never had any luck growing poppies. Maybe it's that clean air you have out in the country!

Anne Fannie said...

What beautiful wildflowers and I love the other pictures of your garden and pond. Glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...


PAT said...

So pretty! The wildflowers are amazing!


Joy said...

How pretty! Will they spread every year now? I love the colors.

JoAnn said...

I just love your home and garden! The pictures are very nice, I wish I could walk right through the garden! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie said...

Hi Kathy.....what a beautiful surprise! I just love the poppies. :)