Monday, December 17, 2007

~~Merry, Merry Christmas, Santa Claus!~~

Christmas Eve is one week from tonight, right this minute! At this moment, a week from tonight, every child will be trying to fall asleep with thoughts of Santa & his Reindeer flying through the sky on his way to every rooftop! I had a MAGICAL MOMENT Saturday morning in the mall - a place I never go except at Christmas time. And there I sat, on a bench only 10 feet from Santa Claus, mesmerized by every child that sat upon his lap. My children visited Santa every single Christmas while they were growing up, up to 14 pictures - guess I was lucky I could still talk them into to it at that age! I treasure those memories & pictures so much. So Saturday morning, in the mall, watching Santa, was a very emotional moment! Ryan & Eric are all grown up, now 25 & 23, & they both just graduated from college last week ~~that will be my special post for tomorrow! Here are a few more pictures of our holiday home & those Santa pictures that I treasure the most. The Rabbit & Santa Celluloid ornaments were from my mom's tree when she was a little girl!


The Feathered Nest said...

Sweet memories! I don't have one picture of my daughter with Santa. She's always been afraid of him and the Easter Bunny! The Santa and bunny ornaments are beautiful so is that bejewelled sparkly tree on the wall.


Suzanne said...

Your home is beautiful all "Decked out" for the holidays!