Thursday, November 1, 2007

~~Simple & Quiet Halloween Night~~

I hope everyone had a fun & happy HALLOWEEN! Ours was VERY laid back & quiet with no little ones anymore to take trick or treating & none to trick or treat our house. Well we did have 3 come by together - 2 little ones & a big one who started up a chain saw on the front porch when I got to the door! I was happy to see it didn't have a blade but it scared me to death! I always buy a little bag of candy "just in case" so I was happy to give out 3. It still felt like Halloween with our 50 cent garage sale orange lights, one pumpkin, & two mums.....our only splurge for this holiday ~ I did make popcorn balls earlier in the month but they didn't last long!

We spent most of the evening outside starting a new wildflower bed for next spring & then lit the fire pit & sat mesmerized - it's always hard to get up & walk away from a warm outdoor nice & warm & soothing.....kind of just melts your to your chair. The coyotes were howling which made the night seem "spooky" so we considered that our "halloween"!

And here it is November 1st already ~ Wow - just 3 weeks from now we will be having turkey & getting ready for the holidays! Even though I miss summer I have to admit I'm excited about getting the casa cozy for Christmas! ~~ HAPPY NOVEMBER! ~~


PAT said...

We had 34 trick r treaters. When we were on the farm, we usually had about 6...those were the nieces and nephews, also living on the farm!

Granny always made popcorn balls for Hallowe'en. Back in the old days, when it was relatively safe to give homemade treats. Needless to say...Granny and Grandad's was a very popular stop on Hallowe'en.


Arlene said...

Our Halloween was quiet too, we had NO trick or treaters, have never since we moved here, which leads me to....there you go again, teasing me with your adorable cottage! I was on the way to getting close to your look until the flood set us backwards! Now have to start over next spring. Turkey day in 3 weeks...fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time. Love all the decor and I wish I had a popcorn ball!

Laurie said...

I love your porch! It's beautiful!


Suzanne said...

We didn't have many treaters this that means lots of leftover candy! ugh! Love your front porch...very pretty!

Kathleen Grace said...

We dont get any trick or treaters either, they heasd for the subdivisions where the pickin's are easy! Your porch looks beautiful though with its lights and autumn display:>)

Verena said...

Halloween seems to be a big thing in the U.S. - in Austria the "Halloween thing" - as I say, because it´s no European tradition at all - started about five years ago. I think, the trading took your tradition to make money with all the things you can buy for it. So I´m not a big fan of Halloween because I think children here don´t know, why you celebrate it. And we had a bad experience too - we were not at home and kids put tooth paste on our door.
But I like your decoration very much, it looks very authentic and rural.
Hope to see you soon, lots of greetings, Verena