Monday, August 27, 2007

~~Middle Name Game!~~

I was tagged to play the "Middle Name Game" by Suzanne at Painter of the Past!
I never give much thought to my middle name but I do have one ~~

L ~~ Lucky that I have a short middle name!

Y ~~ Yellow Squash is my favorite veggie!

N ~~ Not organized enough but working on it!

N ~~ Never have a bad day ~ I'm a happy girl!

A cute & funny thing - two other girls that Suzanne tagged & played the middle name game are also "Lynn's"! What a common but nice little middle name ~ I think it's used alot because it goes with anything! I will tag anyone who wants to play ~ I'm sure there are a lot more Lynn's out there!


the feathered nest said...

It is a fun game - I was glad my middle name was short too!


Suzanne said...

Lol! How funny is that? I wish mine was short and sweet like Lynn! :)
Thanks for playing Kathy!

Debbie said...

What a fun game! I'll keep it going on my blog....thanks!