Monday, March 15, 2010

A Bright Spot in My Day ~

I'm coming out of hibernation after a way too long & cold winter. Enough is enough & I'm super happy that spring is here - officially in five days but it already feels like spring. After all those freezing cold days & too much snow I've never been happier to see the sun & warmer weather. Yesterday it climbed into the high 70's & it was so sunny & beautiful.

My kitchen window was a bright spot in my days during the long cold winter & when the sun shone through all the colored glass it was just lovely. Mom gave me the cut orchids in November & in January & they are still blooming! They just seem to last forever & I love them. She also gave me the pretty yellow primrose & I found the purple cyclamen at Lowe's. The little bowl on top of the red dish holds some green moss that I dug up on our fall camping trip ~ I sprinkle it with water every day & it stays pretty & green.

I love the time change & having that whole extra hour in the evening. I am working on some fun new spring projects & am just loving being outdoors ~ enough hibernating ~ SPRING is finally here & I couldn't be happier! HAPPY SPRING! xoxo