Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy 58 Years Mom & Dad!~~

Look how adorable they were & still are!

This was taken not long after they were married February 23, 1951 ~~~

The same pose, same place in front of this special rock wall where they once lived ~~~ still cute as ever after 58 years!

Happy 58th Anniversary to my mom & dad ~~ THE most Adorable, Sweetest, & most Talented Couple I know ~~ I love you both so much!

HAPPY 58!!! Love, Kax xoxoxoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~~Too Many Eggs~~

Thank you mamas..........

Our hens are being too generous lately ~~ I love gathering eggs & I always thank the girls for giving us such delicious & lovely jewels......& I love eating them but we have eggs galore!

I use to sell them but now we just share & give lots of them away. Yesterday I made 16 deviled eggs....I love deviled eggs but two people don't need 16 of them and I will probably eat most of them!

We're still having 70 degree days & more & more every day I'm getting spring fever ~~ I know it's just around the corner because I'm already seeing QUINCE & DAFFODILS!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Little SEWING Time & SPRING Fever - Already!~~

Heart Pillows on Etsy.....

Beads, Ribbons, Charms, Flowers...... and Cabo :-)

My Sewing Corner......

Hat Boxes & Tins full of Buttons & Lace......
More drawers & shelves to store "stuff"........

Just found this little shelf for 50 cents at a garage sale to organize fabric. I have fabric stashed in dressers, under the bed, in cabinets, etc. so this will hold what I want to use for near future projects..........doesn't take up much room & this room doesn't have any space left so it's perfect in this little corner!

I spend so much time on EBAY that I have jumped off the ETSY wagon & haven't seen my sewing machine in months! So, I recently got a little better organized, got my sewing space back into shape, & I finally spent some much-missed sewing time with my sewing machine ~~

I made two heart pillows & have just listed them on Etsy along with some lavender sachets & some vintage items. I have so many projects running through my mind ~ I really WANNA SEW but there aren't enough hours in the day!~

Happy Groundhog Day! He says 6 more weeks of winter but this week we are having 70+ degree days here in Texas! We spent yesterday tilling the garden, planting & moving some plants, & dreaming of SPRING! Looks like I have Spring & Sewing Fever! ~

Have a great week! xoxo