Sunday, August 24, 2008

~~Lazy Daze of Summer~~

Looking back over the summer, this was my VERY favorite summer day ~~ gliding in the canoe over the water to the piney woods, cool breezes, & a lovely lazy summer day picnic ~~ moving slowly through the lake is so mesmerizing, hypnotizing, soothing, & calm ~~ this day was what summer is all about & I loved it ~~ After a super hot summer here in Texas, the last two weeks we've had wonderful summer storms with lots of rain & cooler days ~~ really nice!

Happy end of summer - I'm SO happy fall is coming!

Cookie & Cabo were as excited as we were!
I Love these Piney Woods~

Cookie with a goofy ear~

Cabo wants to jump in~

So peaceful & calming ~~

NOW, I'm ready for fall! xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~~Cozy COTTAGE Needlepoint~~

I Love Needlepoint ~~ It just speaks old-fashioned - I don't know where my Love for it began but I only know I've loved Needlepoint for just about always ~~

Probably it began with my very own Grandmother ~~ & possibly that's where my love for Cottages began too - with a Cottage Needlepoint made by her hands ~~ knowing the finger-work that goes into them makes them so special ~~ somehow over many years they have caught my eye, all found at garage sales or thrift stores, & now they can be found all around my cottage ~ Needlepoint Roses, Cottages, on footstools, benches, chairs (my chairs were $5 & $7), framed in pictures, & pillows.... and a precious petit-point brooch & wallet also made by my Grandmother's hands ~~

After taking these pictures I couldn't believe I had this many & I'm sure I even missed some. So as in the past when I've taken pictures of my collections I realize I NEED to down-size......I have TOO many! Eventually I will part with some of them ~ YES YES I WILL!! But for now they give me such a feeling of warmth & coziness that makes me feel so comfortable in my cottage & I love having them around me ~~ so here are my needlepoint beauties that I treasure & adore! Just COZY~~~

The next 4 are my favorites ~~ by my Grandmother Ella Melissa ~~

Brooch & Wallet on the left made by my Grandmother Ella ~~

Winter Cottage by my Grandmother ~~

Sweet Cottage by my Grandmother ~~

Lovely Floral Pair made by my Grandmother~~

What a LONG TOUR that was! I really didn't realize I had that many & I've already looked up & seen one that I missed right here by my computer! Alot of them have wear, even holes, & chippy places but that makes them even more special! Have a great rest of the week! KATHY xoxoxoxoxoxoxo