Tuesday, January 8, 2008

~~My Little Corner of Early Spring & Hiking in the Grasslands!~~

I can't make it through winter without a "little corner of spring"! However yesterday felt like spring really is around the corner! It was 76 degrees. I went outside barefooted wearing shorts & a t-shirt. I took a little walk through our woods, moved some limbs that were down from our recent winter winds, & felt like winter is officially over!

Unfortunately I know better & it will be cold again but I really, really DO NOT like winter. I never have & would take 100 degrees any day over 40 ~ I'm definitely a summer girl! But I will TRY to be patient & wait it out because I know 2 months will fly by & SOON it will be March & officially spring! So here is my "spring corner" in my kitchen window that will tide me over until the world comes back to life again, all green & fresh & colorful!

With SPRING out of the way now, because no doubt I'm jumping the gun, I wish a belated Happy New Year to everyone. We had a wonderful first week of 2008, welcoming New Year's Eve in on the dance floor, & hiking at one of our favorite geocaching spots, the LBJ Grasslands.

Cookie & Cabo love getting to run free & lead the way all up & down the trails. A couple of years ago we placed a terra-cache along this rugged trail. The cache is wayyyyy up high in a tree & can only be found at night - we put reflector markers in the trees all along the trail to lead the way. To find it the geocacher has to follow this steep ravine which is a very sharp drop-off. Not too many geocachers have attempted this one!

Cabo & Cookie know they can't follow TZ on this one, but they surely want to & look like they think they can!
But Mama won't let them so they have to hang out with me & look sad! :-(

The Pine Grove was our next hiking spot in the grasslands - an awesome place even in winter - the pine trees are so tall & make me think of east Texas where I grew up. There is another huge pine grove on the other side of a lake in the grasslands that we canoe to for picnics - a really beautiful & serene place.

I also want share a very special new blog Glass Pond Studio, just created by my sister Linda. She makes beautiful handmade jewelry & gorgeous glass beads, lives in the Pacific Northwest, & she & her husband Bill are getting ready to move to Mexico! She will have many interesting stories down the road so check out her blog at Glass Pond Studio!