Thursday, September 27, 2007

~~Bloom On, Summer~~

Wow -don't know where the time is going but I can't keep up with it! Where have I been? I've spent so much time with Ebay & on the dance floor that I can't seem to keep up with anything else ~~ But, I HAVE taken time to enjoy the last of my summer flowers ~ the blooms just keep blooming & hopefully they will keep on keepin' on awhile longer. I'm never, ever ready for winter & wish I could have a year-round garden~~

It's almost time to bring my house plants back inside which is a big job - I have a 30 year old ficus tree on the front porch that comes inside in the winter & several more larger plants & trees that I have to "make room" for inside. I would love to dig up everything that is blooming & bring it in! If I could I would!

For now though, I will enjoy my end of summer flowers & then wait, anticipate, & watch for them all to come up again in the spring! I will miss my angel watching over the pink periwinkles & zinnias, the red hibiscus, yellow maximillion daisy, red salvia, heavenly blue morning glories, four o'clocks (those are coming out my - I will have a zillion seeds if anyone wants some), purple mexican sage, yellow esperanza, purple jack hyacinth beans, etc. They are still giving me so much joy ~~ and this weekend I will be on a Mums & Pumpkin Hunt! I really do love fall!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

~~LUCKY Winner of this PRECIOUS PACKAGE!~~

What a lucky girl I am to be the winner of such a sweet & lovely package from Kathy at Kathy's Cottage!

This gorgeous Lace Bag that Kathy made is just beautiful with a pretty sparkly rhinestone pin on the front! Tucked inside were the sweetest goodies ~ delicious Chocolates & a scrumptious Verbena Soap both in the prettiest boxes! The Toile card is the nicest little keepsake & the package was wrapped almost too pretty to open! I have been the lucky winner of two drawings so I'm anxious to pay it forward & do a drawing soon of my own! I'm not close enough to 100 posts yet but do I have to wait??!!.....LOL Thank you Kathy ~ everything is just lovely & I am thrilled to have won it! Be sure & check out Kathy's wonderful blog!

The cutest thing happened a couple of weeks ago ~ I saw a little Bluebird on one of Kathy's posts & on the very same day that she received it from a friend as a "Bluebird of Garage Sale Happiness", I found a pair of the same little Bluebirds at a garage sale! I gave one to my dad & the other sits in my kitchen window! Not only do we have the same Name, we have the same Bluebird!
"FROM ONE KATHY TO ANOTHER" :-) Thanks so much!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


As of today I know it's here! I LOVE AUTUMN!! I walked outside at 5:30 this morning & was overwhelmed by a rush of COOL air, an awesome breeze, & that wonderful fall feeling! There's nothing like it! It's a very welcoming thing & when it happens I feel a new energy & comfort & coziness in my cottage ~~ and that's when I'm hooked on candles! The first thing on my list for our weekly wal-mart shopping trip on Sunday was my very favorite Pumpkin Spice Candle~the minute I lit it I was surrounded by a cozy feeling I can't explain - I just feel it. And today, being fall - not officially - but in my world ~ starts my daily lighting of candles all over the house. I love them as much as I love fall! This wonderful & finally cool day comes after a crazy week of no internet because of a burned out modem, trips to the library computer & mom's computer to keep up with ebay until my computer was back up & running. So now, finally being almost caught up with ebay, I will open more windows, go light another candle & enjoy MY first day of Autumn! Hope you're feeling fall in your world too!