Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Lovely Fall!

Life is good  ~ Life is busy ~ Gosh it's been a very long while since I was here!  Blogland has surely changed since I started kattzcottage years ago in 2007!   I'm out of the loop but gonna try my best to slip back in here and see what everyone is up to!  

 I've spent a lot of time creating which is just about tops on my list of what I love to do most of all.  I'm spending my fall evenings creating my vintage jewelry Christmas trees for the 2013 holiday season, some pretty jeweled crosses, and some fun sewing projects.

 Isabell proudly wears my handmade jeweled crosses recently added to littlekittymoon!

 Since I was last here my sister Linda and I opened a new Etsy shop together.  Our "sister shop" is littlekittymoon ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/littlekittymoon?ref=si_shop  We create a fun combination of pretty things so check us out if you're looking for unique and one-of-a-kind handmade treasures!

I've also started a new adventure in my kattzcottage etsy shop selling pretty vintage dresses ~ you can check them out here   https://www.etsy.com/shop/kattzcottage?ref=si_shop   to see what I've been up to!

Another fun & rewarding year of Gardening!
From my front porch to yours ~ HAPPY FALL!!!

Living Life!  Enjoying Life!  Keeping Busy! Loving Life! 

Happy to see another fall season and enjoying a cozy rainy morning! Wishing you a perfect, happy day!  xoxo   Kathy

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wedding Bells for Ryan & Yeni ~

My handsome son Ryan & his Beautiful Bride Yeni!

A Beautiful Bride & Groom in a Lovely outdoor ceremony! ~

Sweet Wedding Kiss ~

Mr. & Mrs. Ryan & Yeni Gilbert ~

Ruffles & Roses Wedding Cake ~

Pretty Pink & White Guest Table ~

Wedding Picture in China in May

I have been long gone from my blog but am back to share some exciting wedding news!

We have had much excitement around here because my oldest son Ryan & his lovely bride Yeni came home from China to be married in a small outdoor wedding ceremony in my back yard.

They were married in May in China & I was so happy that they wanted to come share an American wedding celebration with closest family and friends & it was a very special time.

I loved planning this wedding for them! And after months of no rain in Texas ~~ It rained on their wedding day! Fortunately we made it through the ceremony outdoors but the minute they said "I DO" the sky turned black, the winds blew, & the rain came!

Everyone came together rushing very quickly to take food, wedding cake, & about 30 people inside my tiny house & some how we made it work. Despite the rain we made some beautiful wedding memories for them & they were the most beautiful Bride & Groom I have ever seen!

They are now back in Shanghai, China where Ryan is teaching & Yeni is going to school ~ I am sure missing them!

Wishing Ryan & Yeni a very Happy Life together ~ I love you both so much!~ xoxo

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy 60th Anniversary Mom & Dad! ~~

Happy 60 Year Anniversary to my mom & dad! I am so happy & thankful that these two beautiful people are my parents :-) SIXTY YEARS!!!! Have a Lovely day you two!
I love you so much! xoxo

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Jeweled Trees & Eddie Ross Wreath

Projects! I've been busy, busy making more Framed Jeweled Trees & here is part of my collection for 2010. I didn't get as many made as I had planned but I think I will keep making more for next year because I love this craft & can't stop making them :-)

They are great fun to create & each one turns out so unique & so different....so sparkly & pretty!

This was another fun & easy project. I've been gathering vintage ornaments for a couple of years & have finally made my Eddie Ross Wreath ~ Just about the easiest project & the cost was so cheap because I found the ornaments at estate & garage sales ~ most were in a "whole box for 3 dollars" which was a great find at an estate sale.

I am loving the days leading up to the holidays & plan to have a very relaxed & happy Christmas ~ Wishing everyone a very HAPPY HOLIDAY! xoxo Kathy

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Glow of Fall ~

Isabelle in her Fall Finery......

I love the GLOW of FALL!!

Fall candle glow & amber lights.......

Last fall's picture & sad to say I lost both of these beautiful guys :-( Rooster had a heat stroke in August & turkey just up & disappeared.....

BRIGHT yellow Maximillion Daisy.....

And the MAX over the pond.....

Basket of Horseapples found on fall evening walks & the PUMPKIN on the PORCH.........

My Garden Gate dressed for Autumn.......

Freshly picked fall bouquet of the Fairy Rose in it's new Fall Bloom & a lovely dish of Pumpkin Potpourri :-)

I'm enjoying my Autumn more than ever ~ open windows with breezes blowing, crisp cool country air, & cozy candlelit evenings in the cottage ~ Wishing everyone a happy, lovely fall!~~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Blooms On.....

I am SO not ready for Summer to go! It's been a good one ~ my flowers linger on & for that I am glad. I have an over abundance of 4 O'Clocks this year but it's one that I love so much & their perfume is heavenly.....

The mini pond bloomed with water lilies......

Pretty pot of Mom's Impatiens on the front porch.......

Esperanza "Yellow Bells".....

The Blue Mist was covered with Butterflies all summer long....

A single Jimson Weed flower......so delicate & pretty

This was my first year of success with this gorgeous lavender Obedient Plant from a starter plant out of mom & dad's garden ~ mixed in with pretty Red Turk's Cap....

Obedient......I love their spikey tops

More 4 O'Clocks on the picket fence.....

A big surprise flower this year is this lovely white Jimson Weed ~ pretty much a baby plant last summer, it has turned into an enormous bush, covered with large creamy white flowers ~~ I lost count at 100 buds & blooms.....the picture above shows the buds about to open, picture below was the same evening just after dark, & the bottom picture was the following morning ~

Jimson Weed after dark.....

Jimson Weed the following morning......Lovely!

Now I plan to get ready for fall ~ bring on the Pumpkins, Golden Leaves, & Candle Glow! xoxo