Wednesday, March 28, 2007

~~More Lavender Sachets~~

~~A little bit more of what I love to create
~more Pink~Pink~Pink! I happen to LOVE
RED too & will blog some "Reds" soon!

~~A Little Bit of What I Love~Things I Love to Make~ & the GIRLY GIRL That I Am!~~

After looking at so many beautiful blogs lately I've discovered an amazing thing! I am NOT the only girly girl out there ~ I love PINK ~ I love FABRIC along with all the buttons, lace, & vintage anything I can find to create something special. My very first sewing machine creation was barbie doll clothes....then at about the age I was there in my Pansy Tutu I learned how to sew in 4-H with my sister. We both made the 60's dresses with the BIG zipper down the front with the BIG Zipper Ring! I've made clothes along the way but now I love most to make Lavender Sachet Purses, Lavender Strawberries, Purses, & Cottage Pillows! Here are a few of my "Pinks"~ The Pink Chenille bedspread is my latest BEST $3.00 estate sale find! Not sure I can cut that one! The little dress is too cute to cut up but I'm anxious to make something out of those big PINK ROSES! And of course the pictures are the "girly girl" that I once was!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

~~My Love For Cottages~~

~I remember exactly when my Love for Cottages began! When I was 12 my mom showed me how to decoupage. After staining a board dark brown I chose a print of Anne Hathaway's Cottage & after burning the edges to make it look very old I pasted my picture to the board, decoupaged it, & nailed a string on the back for hanging it. Since then I have collected the oldest & coziest Cottage pictures I could find & they are among my very favorite "Cottage" treasures in my own cottage. The colors are those wonderful old hues that you don't find in anything new. Some are prints, some are sewn, one is even painted by my mom & one is a needlepoint by my grandmother ~ all of them are a Cottage I could live in! I will post more of them as I blog along!~

Monday, March 19, 2007

~~Water Gardening & Roses~~

My Rose Garden ~ I don't know how I ended up with so many other plants in this garden since it is the rose garden! I have my work cut out for me to move alot of them to other places in the garden. My sister Linda was my inpiration for water gardening - one trip to her house & you HAVE to have a Pond! I have dug several ponds since I first saw hers & this is my 1891 Cottage pond. We found many old, colorful, & unique bottles & other gadgets when we dug this pond. Our house was built in 1891 so it's amazing to think those things may have been buried there that long! These pictures are from last year ~ but it's all getting ready to bloom again & tomorrow is the 1st day of SPRING!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A BEAUTIFUL DAY in TEXAS!~ The Sun is shining!!! Lovely Spring is just a few days away! I'm so excited & ready to get into the garden, get my fingers in the dirt & plant new things ~ & I have just started a new perennial flower bed & path. Also hoping to discover a very fast growing climbing Rose for this arbor. Any suggestions will be welcome! HAPPY Spring!

Our Texas Country Cottage~

Hello from Texas! I live happily with my husband Tim in a Texas Gingerbread Cottage Home built in 1891 - a very old 115 year old farmhouse & a home I've dreamed of all my life with all the character & creakiness & coziness that makes it "home sweet home"~. I have always had a love for Cottages & for years I've collected anything "Vintage Cottage" from Cottage Pictures to Cottage China. Our children are grown so we share our home with 2 tiny chihuahuas - Cabo & Oreo Cookie, a Blue Russian Cat - Karma, & have a managerie of farm babies including 2 goats Violet & Vanilla Bean, Chickens, 12 new baby chicks & white pigeons. I am a "Cottage Shabby Chic Romantic Homes" girl....I love vintage fabric, laces, & anything with roses ~~ I love to sew & create things. Love to Garden! I have the pleasure of working from my cottage home selling on ebay as kattz*cottage for 8 years now. I am not a shopper of new things so my auctions & our home consists of estate sale/flea market/thrift store/& garage sale finds....old things that already have a lifetime of love & seem to easily fit right into their new life. I love living in Texas & I feel very much at peace in my little Cottage in the Country!